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Corn Ribs - £5 
With our hot buffalo spiced rub served with lime aioli 


Loaded Hash Browns - £7.50 
With grated cheddar, siracha mayo, sliced red chillis, and crispy onions 

Garlic Bread - £5 
Make it cheezey - £5.50

Truffle Fries - £6.50 
With grated parmesan and truffle oil
Regular salted  fries - £5

Crispy Deep-Fried Cauliflower  - £6 
With lemon pepper seasoning

Grape and Grain - £7.50 
Chargrilled sourdough toast with a sherry vinegar and tomato salsa 


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The Dinner Jacket - £10
Loaded Hasselback potato with pulled BBQ jackfruit, grated cheese, sliced fresh chillies, and oat-based creme fraiche

The Lunch Bowl - £10
Sweet chilli tofu, lemon and dill marinaded carrots, spiced roasted sweet potatoes, kale, broccoli salad, houmous and rice with a wasabi mayo dressing

Crispy Deep-Fried Cauliflower - £6
With lemon pepper seasoning 

Soup of the Day - £7.50
Served with crusty bread 

Portion of fries - £5
Upgrade to truffle fries - £6.50 

Loaded Hash Browns - £7.50
With grated cheddar, siracha mayo, fresh chives, sliced red chillies, and crispy onions 

The CV Toastie - £8.50
Our homemade signature seitan with smoked cheese, roasted red peppers, fresh salad, microgreens, and siracha mayo, double stacked! 


Mushroom Fusion - £13 
Select mushrooms in a lightly spiced sauce, on a bed of brown rice 

Onion and Black Lentil Warmer - £13 
Caramelised onions and stewed balsamic lentils. Topped with toasted ciabatta and melted cheese 

Carbonara - £13 
Gluten free pasta with a fried mushroom and bacon sauce, finished with truffle oil and vegan parmesan  

Slow Cooked Mushroom and 3 Bean Chilli - £13 
Topped with grated cheddar, creme fraiche, crushed tortillas, and sliced red chillis. Served with roasted tomato and vegetable rice

The Cornish Vegan Burger- £12 
With chargrilled cabbage slaw, smoked cheese, pickles, and our own smokey tomato sauce

Green Risotto - £13 
With spinach, peas and vegan parmesan 


£7.50 each 

Warm Chocolate Brownie
With oat-based cream

Blackberry Smoke
Cherry brandy marinaded blackberries, vanilla ice cream with a smoked salt crumble 

Deep Fried Oreos
With vanilla ice cream 

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